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Promoting National Culture Through Social Media

In todays society, around 60% of the global total uses social media. People of all ages can be found here. You can even use social media to find your intended audience and raise awareness about your company. Furthermore, before acquiring any things, we often look for brand recommendations on social media. This is the example of social media culture that we today practise. Hence, the impact of social media on a places culture fits within a communication theory known as Cultural Imperialism.

With the dramatic surge in social media usage, western beliefs and cultures have become even more prevalent, particularly among the youth. They are impressionable because they are young, and they make changes in their lives depending on what they see published on social media. This results in a significant loss of a nation's
fundamental culture. This cultural loss is visible in the way we speak, dress, the values we adopt, our reactions to events, the decisions we make, our hobbies and
interests, the movies we watch, and the music we listen to.

However, in my perspective, social media is changing culture in both good and bad ways, such as providing rising groups space and a voice. This transition, as well as
new emerging subculture groups and topics, are positive aspects of the change; they impact the target audience by providing proximity, social awareness, and the opportunity to exchange thoughts and new ideas.

As a result, quot;cultural branding quot; concepts are produced and implemented by various emerging groups, injecting a certain lifestyle and so generating genuine relationships with consumers. In this approach, consumers are encouraged to participate in shared ideas and motivations; it is more than just selecting a brand; it is about developing a community and allowing it to flourish organically.

Additionally, social media has enhanced peoples contacts and established an environment in which you may share your thoughts, images, and other information.
By communicating with others and exchanging fresh ideas and viewpoints, social media increased creativity and social consciousness in our society. No doubt, social media has given us the ability to broaden our horizons and make new acquaintances from other nations. Because of its infinite availability and flexibility, social media makes it easier to discover about breaking news. On the other hand, social media has had a bad impact on our culture. People can post whatever they want on social media, and some of them may contain unsuitable images. People have become increasingly skeptical of one others points of view. People began to debate about one others political views, religion, social rights, and culture. Youth were negatively impacted by social media. It decreased physical activity. By collaborating with others and conveying breakthrough ideas and insights, the media enhanced our general publics imagination and social sensitivity.

However, we can make good use of social media, particularly among young people. As for now, it has obviously had a far-reaching impact on Malaysian culture among
the youth who are promoting it. It has diverged our Malaysian culture onto a much larger, diverse, and secular platform. I am extremely delighted to see Malaysians
youth making effective use of social media. Heres a proud Malaysian! We can certainly do more to promote our unique culture through social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram and others. Come on fellow Malaysian Youth! Lets make effective use of social media! Let’s promote more about our wonderful culture, good people and delicious food and let’s make Malaysia a well-known country!

Author: Aqilah Julaihi