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Daily Kalbela

Daily Kalbela Daily Kalbela
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Daily Kalbela established under Kalbela Media Limited its place in the media scene of Bangladesh on January 25, 1991. It started its journey with a sense of challenge and a feeling of humility to serve this nation as a truly independent newspaper.The newspaper made its debut at a historic time when, with the fall of an autocratic regime, the country was well set to begin a new era towards establishing a democratic system of government which eluded Bangladesh for too long.

The Daily Kalbela carries on with the long-term responsibility is to strengthen public opinion on how the democratic system should work and how to sustain and nurture democratic norms effectively.It was a privilege for The Daily Kalbela to be part of a changing scene after the fall of military autocrat in early 1990s. With that privilege came an enormous responsibility of upholding the duties of a free press. The newspaper is proud to pursue that policy without relenting for the past 31 (approx..) years.

The uniqueness of The Daily Kalbela lies in its non-partisan position, in the freedom it enjoys from any influence of political parties or vested groups. Its strength is in taking position of neutrality in conflicts between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong, regardless of positions held by any group or alliance.The paper believes to report events objectively, as it is, and without any fear and favor. It is committed to serve the people. That's why people whether in power or in opposition respect The Daily Kalbela.The Daily Kalbela advocates rule of law, human rights, gender issues, national interests, press freedom, transparency and accountability of people in the administration and in the world of trade and industry on which the newspaper has never compromised whatever the costs. No political powers can take it for granted and no one is given cause to doubt its fairness.

Kalbela Newspaper Contact Numbers:

ফোন : +৮৮ ০২ ৫৫১৬১৬৬২, +৮৮ ০২ ৫৫১৬১৬৬৩ ।
ফ্যাক্স : +৮৮ ০২ ৫৫১৬১৬৬৪ । ই-মেইল:
বিজ্ঞাপন বিভাগ: ফোন: +৮৮০-২-৫৫১৬১৬৭৭, ০১৭৩০ ০৯৩৩২৮ । ই-মেইল:
সার্কুলেশন : ফোন: ০১৭৩০ ০৯৩৩৪৭ । বিশ্বাস বিল্ডার্স লিমিটেডের একটি প্রকাশনা

নিউমার্কেট সিটি কমপ্লেক্স, ৪৪/১, রহিম স্কয়ার, নিউমার্কেট,
ঢাকা থেকে প্রকাশিত এবং ২৮/বি, টয়েনবি সার্কুলার রোড, মতিঝিল ঢাকা, শরীয়তপুর প্রিন্টিং প্রেস থেকে মুদ্রিত